30 Dezember 2009

The Great Human-Robot Skirmish of December 30th

Yeah, so it's been awhile since I've posted. Anyway, I'll warm back up to it so this post is kind of a cop out.

My current away message reads: I've gotten more "Happy Birthday" notifications from robots than from real people. Human race, this isn't looking good...

Vivek 2:35 PM: ok, so i won't wish you happy b-day then =P
any plans tonite?
Me 2:37 PM: Personally, I welcome our new robot masters.
You should see their public dental plan.
It's amazing.
Vivek 2:38 PM: you mean the one where they put your brain in a jar so you don't need to worry about teeth?
I'm consdering it
Me: ...I think you're talking about the Mi-go.
Vivek: mi-go, robots
they'll all enslave us in the end