24 Dezember 2010

Anyone ever try to sort a protected Excel worksheet?

More specifically, I want to be able to retain the sorting feature available via AutoFilter. As it turns out, this is not easy to do and is something that has eluded me for the last day or so. Allow me to explain my problem. I have a spreadsheet that contains a lot of easily sortable data that is accessable by a lot of people. I don't want anyone to be able to change the values, but they still need to be able to sort. However, sorting counts as changing values within cells, so that just isn't available. I'm not going to get into the details of my trials and, in fact, I don't even care if it works anymore. I'm just going to vent.

Here's my sample worksheet.

Say I go to protect this worksheet but still want to enable some features for the users that aren't forbidden.

Okay, so duh, right? I should be able to sort and use the AutoFilter.


16 November 2010

u doof, how old r u

Me: Oh, I found an online Pictionary-like game called iSketch.
Me: The problem with it is that I was banned for drawing a penis.

Figure 1. Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough to screen shot my actual work of art. Note: My word was oyster, which mots people correctly answered.

Figure 2. After being warned about not drawing penises, I was kicked from my room and warned again. Then I was banned from the game. Talk about heavy-handed.

Me: ...
Steph: u doof
Steph:how old r u
Me: 24, sadly.

28 Oktober 2010

I said I was sorry!

This is all in response to Peter C's status of "Trouble with a capital T and that ryhmes with P which stands for Plumbers. Stupid, messed-up, rotting pipes in my place. :(" Additionally, Peter had perviously complained about not having Internet at his residence.

Me: Did the pipes that bring you the Internet also break?
Peter C: Haha
Peter C: No, those were just shut off.
Peter C: Although having internet pouring down through my ceiling would be quite a sight.
Me: Well, yeah.
Me: It'd be mostly spam, porn, and Justin Beiber.
Peter C: When you put it that way, it definitely makes the gray water from my upstairs neighbor's shower sound much more appealing.
Peter C: Of the two options, that is.
Me: Well, I didn't specify what the composition was.
Me: In fact, it could be one homogenous mixture.
Me: Justin Beiber spam porn.
Peter C: shivers
Me: For all of those weird tweeners (aged 10 to 40+) in Hawaii.
Peter C: Rule 34, man. Now that stuff exists
Me: I apologize to the Cosmos.

30 Juni 2010

Help me pick a Twitter account name for my cat!

Now, most of you who read this blog have met the family cat. His name is Linux (I didn't name him, The Sister did). The Girlfriend suggested that I make a Twitter account for The Cat to chronicle his (mis)adventures; this is a concept that other families have explored. The most obvious choice for the account name would be LinuxTheCat, however, this is already taken.

So, here's some history about Linux. He used to be quite overweight because of an ill-fated open feeding policy that has long since been abolished. As a result, he is on a diet and somewhat diabetic now, but has lost a lot of weight. He is also a jerk, as cats are want to do, frequently going places and bothering people he shouldn't. Lastly, he is somewhat dog-like in that he is quite eager for attention and not quite as coy as some other cats I've seen.

Here are some suggestions I've seen:


Please vote or make suggestions!

18 Mai 2010

How do you say SNES?

That's for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So, how do you say SNES?

Growing up, I only heard one pronunciation and that was to enunciate each letter in the initialism, or something like "ess-en-e-ess." Recently, I heard someone say it as one word, with the opening sound like the "snuh" in sneeze, or "sness". I thought that was weird, but others in the "room" echoed similar usage, claiming that my pronunciation was weird. These are, like pronunciation is, probably the result of some local effect (on a side note, I hate saying that, because I'm not sure if I'm ever using that term correctly, or at least rigorously). I have also heard the SNES referred to as "Super Nintendo" or "Super NES," but those people use these as optional to their preferred pronunciation of the above.

Interestingly, the same Wikipedia article has a footnote regarding this.

14 April 2010

But I can look the part.

[4/13/2010 23:56:34] Me says: Speaking of casual warfare...
[4/13/2010 23:56:40] Ozan D says: sup andy.
[4/13/2010 23:56:46] Ozan D says: casual warfare?
[4/13/2010 23:56:50] Me says: I've got an interview tomorrow, so I was trying on some clothes that I haven't worn in awhile.
[4/13/2010 23:56:51] Ozan D says: is that anything like casual sex?
[4/13/2010 23:57:04] Me says: I put on my suit and discovered that it fits me better than it did before.
[4/13/2010 23:57:14] Me says: I also discovered that it's remarkably comfortable even with a carbine on.
[4/13/2010 23:57:18] Peter C says: I have trouble even imagining you in a suit.
[4/13/2010 23:57:29] Me says: I'm not an executive bodyguard, but I can look like one.
[4/13/2010 23:57:33] Ozan D says: though adding the carbine does make it easier to imagine.
[4/13/2010 23:57:36] Me says: Haha.
[4/13/2010 23:57:37] Peter C says: I have less trouble when youre carrying a carbine.
[4/13/2010 23:57:51] Peter C says: damn, ozan beat me to it.
[4/13/2010 23:58:02] Peter C says: I spent too much time laughing.
[4/13/2010 23:58:13] Ozan D says: it's okay. same joke. same approximate time. same person. it's all good.
[4/13/2010 23:58:50] Ethan K says: I was late in reading it but I must concur the image works much better with the addition of a carbine

18 Februar 2010

The state of the world.

2152 me: We should finish the Lost Platoon level some time.
2153 Kevin M: yea
me: Oooh!
2154 Kevin M: im so down for that
me: We should try MW2.
Spec Ops mode.
Kevin M: oh yea
dewey has that
is there 3player for that
2156 me: I don't think so...

2157 Kevin M: multilplayer is not as simple as goldeneye back in the day
its sad
something is wrong
with this world

2158 me: Haha.
That's very profound.