14 April 2010

But I can look the part.

[4/13/2010 23:56:34] Me says: Speaking of casual warfare...
[4/13/2010 23:56:40] Ozan D says: sup andy.
[4/13/2010 23:56:46] Ozan D says: casual warfare?
[4/13/2010 23:56:50] Me says: I've got an interview tomorrow, so I was trying on some clothes that I haven't worn in awhile.
[4/13/2010 23:56:51] Ozan D says: is that anything like casual sex?
[4/13/2010 23:57:04] Me says: I put on my suit and discovered that it fits me better than it did before.
[4/13/2010 23:57:14] Me says: I also discovered that it's remarkably comfortable even with a carbine on.
[4/13/2010 23:57:18] Peter C says: I have trouble even imagining you in a suit.
[4/13/2010 23:57:29] Me says: I'm not an executive bodyguard, but I can look like one.
[4/13/2010 23:57:33] Ozan D says: though adding the carbine does make it easier to imagine.
[4/13/2010 23:57:36] Me says: Haha.
[4/13/2010 23:57:37] Peter C says: I have less trouble when youre carrying a carbine.
[4/13/2010 23:57:51] Peter C says: damn, ozan beat me to it.
[4/13/2010 23:58:02] Peter C says: I spent too much time laughing.
[4/13/2010 23:58:13] Ozan D says: it's okay. same joke. same approximate time. same person. it's all good.
[4/13/2010 23:58:50] Ethan K says: I was late in reading it but I must concur the image works much better with the addition of a carbine