14 Mai 2009

Things that annoy me, part... one?

People who say "Frisco" instead of San Francisco. These are the same kinds of people who probably also have soul patches.

12 Mai 2009

Green Chemistry: A Solar Solvent Still?

Perhaps before discussing the main point of this post, I should define green chemistry. Generally speaking, green chemistry is about in-lab, synthetic efficiency. For example (but certainly not limited to), doing chemistry without wasting reagent (via side reactions, decomposition, etc) and solvent. Green chemistry is pretty neat because the examples I've seen usually involve some unorthodox, but clever and elegant methods.

Anyone who has done organic synthesis (or synthesis of any kind) knows that a lot of the waste (and effort, for that matter) is encountered during the post-reaction workup... things like rinsing, columning, and recrystallizing product. There are, apparently, solvent recycling systems that are commercially available, but I wonder about just making a simple solar still where the leftovers from some of these workup steps can be left and then re-used as (at least) technical grade solvent. If I had the time, I'd like to build and test one.

11 Mai 2009

Hey. Hey! Yeah, you.

To the truck driving on 19th Avenue in San Francisco with the license plate number 4TLK273 -- thanks for throwing your cigg butt out the window. Fucking asshole.

08 Mai 2009

Ozan Terrible Point +1; Video Game Lore +1

Andy: Anyway, I feel like killing zombies.
Ozan: L4D?
Ethan: Really seems more like Zulu hunting weather to me.
Ozan: So...resident evil 5?