28 Oktober 2010

I said I was sorry!

This is all in response to Peter C's status of "Trouble with a capital T and that ryhmes with P which stands for Plumbers. Stupid, messed-up, rotting pipes in my place. :(" Additionally, Peter had perviously complained about not having Internet at his residence.

Me: Did the pipes that bring you the Internet also break?
Peter C: Haha
Peter C: No, those were just shut off.
Peter C: Although having internet pouring down through my ceiling would be quite a sight.
Me: Well, yeah.
Me: It'd be mostly spam, porn, and Justin Beiber.
Peter C: When you put it that way, it definitely makes the gray water from my upstairs neighbor's shower sound much more appealing.
Peter C: Of the two options, that is.
Me: Well, I didn't specify what the composition was.
Me: In fact, it could be one homogenous mixture.
Me: Justin Beiber spam porn.
Peter C: shivers
Me: For all of those weird tweeners (aged 10 to 40+) in Hawaii.
Peter C: Rule 34, man. Now that stuff exists
Me: I apologize to the Cosmos.