30 Juli 2009

Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism...

Jim Carrey supposedly said that to David Letterman regarding the movie Dumb and Dumberer. By chance, I noticed some other bizarre little bits of... "inspiration" while checking some game sites.

For those of you who don't know, I really like Team Fortress 2. It's a pretty awesome game. SK imedia (is it Imedia, imedia, or iMedia? I just can't tell...) also seems to agree with this sentiment.

Figure 1. World's best, huh? Creative, huh?

To be fair, I haven't actually played this game. It could very well be appreciably different from TF2. The trailer just looks (and even sounds) so... eerily similar (as aptly documented in the Kotaku article). Maybe it really is flattery. I also hope I'm wrong because I'd hate to be one of those guys that basically just re-Tweets something potentially inflammatory that turns out to be false. To that end, I hope to (when I have some more time) look into this issue more.

The funny thing is, I only found this because I was looking up a game called Sudden Death. If you go there and check out that trailer, you may be thinking "Man, that's some pretty awesome music." Yeah, I think so too. To be fair, I also have not played this game; I was actually kind of curious but that one little bit in the trailer left a really bad taste in my mouth. It's just unprofessional and probably illegal.

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