18 Mai 2010

How do you say SNES?

That's for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. So, how do you say SNES?

Growing up, I only heard one pronunciation and that was to enunciate each letter in the initialism, or something like "ess-en-e-ess." Recently, I heard someone say it as one word, with the opening sound like the "snuh" in sneeze, or "sness". I thought that was weird, but others in the "room" echoed similar usage, claiming that my pronunciation was weird. These are, like pronunciation is, probably the result of some local effect (on a side note, I hate saying that, because I'm not sure if I'm ever using that term correctly, or at least rigorously). I have also heard the SNES referred to as "Super Nintendo" or "Super NES," but those people use these as optional to their preferred pronunciation of the above.

Interestingly, the same Wikipedia article has a footnote regarding this.

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Peter hat gesagt…

I feel like I only ever called it Super Nintendo. On the other hand, I didn't have one, nor did any of my close friends at the time, so I rarely called it anything at all.

It's probably better than SCSI, though. Apparently that was supposed to be pronounced "sexy", but some joker called it "scuzzy" and that caught on.