30 Juni 2010

Help me pick a Twitter account name for my cat!

Now, most of you who read this blog have met the family cat. His name is Linux (I didn't name him, The Sister did). The Girlfriend suggested that I make a Twitter account for The Cat to chronicle his (mis)adventures; this is a concept that other families have explored. The most obvious choice for the account name would be LinuxTheCat, however, this is already taken.

So, here's some history about Linux. He used to be quite overweight because of an ill-fated open feeding policy that has long since been abolished. As a result, he is on a diet and somewhat diabetic now, but has lost a lot of weight. He is also a jerk, as cats are want to do, frequently going places and bothering people he shouldn't. Lastly, he is somewhat dog-like in that he is quite eager for attention and not quite as coy as some other cats I've seen.

Here are some suggestions I've seen:


Please vote or make suggestions!


ozan hat gesagt…

I think I can safely suggest NOT GETTING A TWITTER ACCOUNT FOR YOUR CAT. Seriously, you don't even update this blog anymore. Why would you update a TWITTER account for your CAT?

Peter hat gesagt…

The difference is, a blog post might reasonably be expected to be well thought out, interesting, and >140 characters. My experience with twitter is that none of those expectations apply.

Vivek hat gesagt…

How about LinuxWantsAttention?

ozan hat gesagt…

Have you seen his post entitled "Yeah Starcraft 2"? I don't really think he's meeting any of those expectations, except maybe for the 140 characters thing.

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