06 April 2009

Thanks Hau!

Hau: omg omg
Hau: http://x6e.xanga.com/3a581be6236a0238824358/b144589668.jpg

So yes, I guess I do play an instrument!

Although, if I did play the gun as an instrument, it certainly wouldn't be a Beretta. That's like playing a viola. What would a gun-playing musician be called? I wonder...

Update! (A suggestion from Hau)

Hau: you know
Hau: i think it'd be made better if, if you were in the picture, you were in there looking somewhat psychotic
Hau: and waving around two handguns
Hau: while everyone else is just standing there looking as though nothing is out of the norm

Okay guys, who has portable instruments?

This whole thing reminds me of a SNL sketch (S34E14) spoofing a NESW Sports video (yeah, I don't know what NESW is either) featuring Steve Martin as Billy “The Gun” Van Goff. I think the picture speaks for itself:

Since we're basically on the topic of how everything is better with a gun, the classic reference (especially for me) is The Simpsons episode, The Catridge Family (S9E5). I will endeavor to make a relevant Simpsons reference to cap off every post, as denoted by the tag "the simpsons".


Hau hat gesagt…

No problem. It's so you.

cs268ozan hat gesagt…

I don't think that's a Simpsos video.

Andrew Chen hat gesagt…

It, in fact, is not. After proclaiming that I would end each post with a Simpsons clip, I never mustered up the effort to do it.